Although PARC believes in transparent and accountable policing, the nature of PARC's engagement by some jurisdictions sometimes means that the details or full scope of the work cannot be specifically disclosed.

Representative Work

Consultant to Department of Justice Monitoring in Pittsburgh. PARC's Executive Director served as consultant on a Consent Decree between the Department of Justice and Pittsburgh.

Consultant to Detroit Police Department. PARC's Executive Director and staff made recommendations to the Detroit Police Department on strategies for improving accountability and constitutional policing – recommendations that were cited frequently as unheeded when the Department of Justice initiated an investigation and Consent Decree in Detroit a few years later.

Local South American Police Force. The local military police force of a South American country asked PARC for assistance in strengthening the transparency of its system of internal investigations and reviews.

Los Angeles Unified School District. The LAUSD selected PARC to conduct an independent investigation of a School Police use of force on a student during disturbances on a high school campus. 

Los Angeles Police Department. William Bratton, formerly Chief of the LAPD and currently Chief of the NYPD, personally selected PARC’s Executive Director to serve on an unprecedented inquiry into SWAT operations of the LAPD in the wake of a controversial shooting by SWAT of a 19-month-old hostage.

Major Southwestern City. A major southwestern city engaged PARC to asses, pursuant to a local ordinance, how well its civilian oversight structure was functioning with respect to overseeing and strengthening the quality of the internal investigations conducted by its police department. PARC identified a strategy for strengthening the oversight function.

Major Corporations. For multiple corporations, PARC has helped management to take steps to avoid possible liability in relation to the businesses’ security policies and practices. PARC crafted strategies for avoiding the reality or perception of racial profiling of customers.

Major Western City. A major city in the American West engaged PARC as subject matter experts in police process and accountability pursuant to ongoing oversight there.

Mid-Size Northwestern City. A civilian oversight engaged PARC to conduct a thorough review of processes and procedures.

Mid-Size Southwestern City. The police department of a mid-sized southwestern city turned to PARC to assist in a substantial revision of its use of force and internal investigation policies.  PARC based its recommendations on best practices, national models, and its experiences with similar law enforcement agencies.

Native American Tribal Police. A Native American police force engaged PARC to examine the practices of its police force and the relationship between the force and members of the tribal community. PARC made specific recommendations for improving both.

New York Task Force on Police-on-Police Shootings. In response to a high-profile police-on-police shootings in New York, the Governor of New York empaneled a blue-ribbon commission to find ways of reducing the risk in the future.  PARC was asked to advise the panel.

Southern City. A major city in the southern U.S. engaged PARC for various consulting services related to police accountability and oversight.