Seattle Monitor Releases Fourth Semiannual Report

The Seattle Monitoring Team released its Fourth Semiannual Report to the Court and public on December 15, 2014.  See more about the report here.

The Report finds that the Seattle Police Department "is approaching midpassage in its voyage to fully and effectively comply with many of the provisions" of the Court-ordered Consent Decree intended to address a pattern and practice of excessive force and serious concerns about discriminatory policing practices.  It commends Chief Kathleen O'Toole for making reform of the SPD her highest priority and inventories progress with respect to force investigations and review, officer training, and data systems.  It notes that the Monitor can say, for the first time, that SPD is likely to get the job done if it continues on the path it is now.

However, the report notes that the Monitor cannot make any representations about how long it will take to reach "full and effective compliance" with the Decree.  Work on critical issues remains unfinished, and some essential projects are still in their infancy.  The report details how SPD will look and function when the process is finished, noting that "the bedrock of the Consent Decree is a substantially improved relationship between the communities of Seattle and members of the SPD" in which "the community, in collaboration with the SPD, will participate int he decision about how it is to be policed and what the priorities are."

The Report informs the Seattle community, and the Court, about the progress of the Seattle Police Department and City of Seattle in implementing the provisions of the Court-ordered Consent Decree between the United States Department of Justice and City of Seattle.

To read the report, visit the Resources page of the Monitor's official website or click here.