St. Louis Post-Dispatch Talks to PARC's Matthew Barge About Collaborative Reform in St. Louis County

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch spoke with PARC's Co-Executive Director, Matthew Barge, about the collaborative reform process in St. Louis County:

The success of consent decrees can vary, in part, based on the personalities and bureaucracies involved, notes Matthew Barge, a partner and co-director of the Police Assessment Resource Center, which helps police forces on reform initiatives across the country.

Barge is the court-appointed monitor overseeing a federal consent decree between the Justice Department and the city of Cleveland — a legally binding agreement overseen by career federal lawyers who are not as likely to leave as political appointments with the arrival of a new administration.

But unlike consent-decree agreements, there “is not really a backstop in collaborative reform,” which is what St. Louis County police are undergoing.

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