PARC Vice President Talks to Minneapolis Media About Performance of Citizen Review Panel

PARC's Vice President and Deputy Director, Matthew Barge, spoke with KSTP-TV in Minneapolis about criticism of the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights, which reviews police misconduct cases.  Public criticism has mounted that the group reviews too few cases and, when cases are considered, those reviews are insufficiently thorough:

"It seems rather clear to me that if they are only looking at three cases or cases here and there, they are not going to be able to drive the across the board oversight that a lot of people in Minneapolis and across the country are talking about these days," police accountability expert Matthew Barge said.

As vice president of the Police Assessment Resource Center, Barge currently oversees a federal consent decree with the city of Cleveland, Ohio, leading a team of experts to improve the department, along with helping other major departments around the country.

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