PARC 2013 Report About L.A. Sheriff's Department Dishonesty Affirmed by 2016 L.A. Times Investigation

A 2013 PARC report raised serious issues about the response of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department – one of the county's largest law enforcement agencies - to issues relating to officer dishonesty.  That report noted that many officers who made false statements, including lying on official records, were only receiving, at most, minimal remedial training.

"There are far too many instances of the department being lenient toward members who withheld or obscured the truth," PARC wrote.

A 2016 L.A. Times investigation affirmed PARC's concerns.  You can read more about the continuing problems with officer accountability here.

PARC's voluntary monitoring of the Sheriff's Department for the County of Los Angeles has been hailed by renowned police accountability expert Samuel Walker as "the most successful citizen oversight agency in the country" and one of the only independent oversight efforts to be able to provide "evidence of its effectiveness."  That oversight formally ended in August 2014.  PARC's work in Los Angeles can be accessed here.