Honolulu Civil Beat Talks To PARC's Matthew Barge About Honolulu Police Commission

The Honolulu Civil Beat talked with PARC's Matthew Barge about civilian oversight and the Honolulu Police Commission:

Matthew Barge, of the Police Assessment Resource Center, compared the Honolulu Police Commission to the one in Los Angeles, which is made up of five political appointees chosen by the mayor who also have authority over the chief’s job status.

While well-connected business types have served on the Los Angeles Police Commission, Barge said the agency also included a college law professor who was an advocate for the LGBTQ community.

Barge said it’s also a good idea to include members who have deep connections to the communities most affected by policing.

“In order to have credibility, the commission, like a city council, needs to be seen as representing the community,” Barge said. “The commission’s recommendations on police policy and practices will then be more influential when it’s not seen as a gang of activists or a gang of business leaders pressing their pet agenda.”

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