Following an investigation of the Cleveland Division of Police ("CDP"), in December 2014, DOJ's Civil Rights Division and the United States Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Ohio found a pattern or practice of excessive force that violates the U.S. Constitution and federal law.

The DOJ and Cleveland entered into a settlement, which takes the form of a federal-court-enforced Consent Decree. The Consent Decree called for court to appoint a Monitor. The Monitor provides technical assistance in meeting the requirements of the Consent Decree, reports regularly on progress, and to certify in the future whether CDP has reached "substantial and effective compliance" with the Decree. 

Matthew Barge, PARC's Vice President & Deputy Director, was appointed as Monitor in October 2015. He has assembled a highly experienced and diverse monitoring team, led by PARC's staff and consultants.

Resources & Current Progress

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Oversee implementation of court-ordered settlement addressing DOJ findings of a pattern or practice of excessive force and other issues relating to the Cleveland Division of Police


Use of Force
Less-Lethal Force Instruments
Discriminatory Policing
Stops and Detentions
Early Intervention Systems
Data-Driven Management
Crisis Intervention
Community Policing
Officer Training
Internal Investigations & Review


First Semiannual Report (June 2016)


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