The City of Eugene, Oregon's Police Commission asked PARC to report on oversight models in jurisdictions with similarly sized populations and police departments as Eugene. The Commission was interested in getting a sense of the major similarities and differences among the wide variety of oversight models currently in existence in the United States.

Scope of Work

PARC was charged with summarizing and comparing the police oversight models used throughout the U.S.  The City was especially interested in what features and attributes were especially applicable to a city of its size, needs, and values.


Pioneering a New Conceptual Framework.  Given differences in local ordinances and state laws, similar structures can look unrelated even when they share common attributes. Rather than catalogue raw data about various civilian oversight structures, PARC pioneered a conceptual framework for classifying and categorizing seemingly disparate oversight structures. That structure has since been championed by countless other organizations and consultants, including the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) and the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE).

Client- and Community-Driven Results. PARC ensured that it focused on accountability structures with features analogous to Eugene so that it could present to stakeholders information most tailored to their needs.


Innovating the Field. The original Eugene report has become the industry standard and been championed by countless other consultants and organizations, including the Police Executive Research Forum and the police oversight professional consortium NACOLE, the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement. The report is widely cited and discussed in academic and professional literature.



Review and assess police oversight models in use nationally to guide consideration of the appropriate model for the city of Eugene, Oregon.


Police Oversight Models
Community Policing
Policy Recommendations


Review of National Oversight Models for the Eugene Police Commission (Feb. 2005)


"Report Lists Police Oversight Options," Eugene Register-Guard (Feb. 2005)