The New Orleans City Council retained PARC in 2007 to assist it in creating and establishing legislation for the Office of the Independent Police Monitor.

In 2015, the New Orleans Office of Inspector General ("OIG") engaged PARC to conduct an independent, external peer review of the Office of the Independent Police Monitor ("OIPM") – to gauge its effectiveness, successes, and areas for additional progress.

Scope of Work & Approach

The PARC Team evaluated the OIPM according to the principles set forth in the National Guidelines for Police Monitors – the PARC-authored and BJA-sponsored, first-of-its-kind foundation for the work and approach of other monitors, civilian review boards, auditors, police commissions, and law enforcement agencies subject to civilian oversight.  It also gauged the Police Monitor's work with respect to a national code of ethics for police oversight professionals and national auditing standards.

Specifically, PARC:

  • Reviewed the Office's mission statement, goals and objectives, and policies and procedures to determine if they meet nationally-accepted standards and best practices;
  • Evaluated a statistically significant sample of work product issued by the IPM Division to determine whether they were completed both in accordance with local policies and procedures and are consistent with nationally-accepted best practices; and
  • Assessed the community's perceptions and knowledge of the IPM Division's roles, responsibilities, and responsiveness.


Independent & Objective Evaluation of Effectiveness.  PARC's final report endorsed areas of OIPM's performance that were strong – and provided paths for improvement where it identified areas where the Monitor's performance could be strengthened.

Pragmatic Recommendations Grounded in Best Practices.  PARC's final report provides OIPM with clear recommendations of areas for future progress and growth.




Conduct an independent, external "peer review" of an institutionalized police monitor to gauge its effectiveness, successes, and areas for additional progress


Civilian Oversight
Community Engagement
Police Oversight
Data-Driven Management
Internal Investigations
Administrative Reviews


PARC Peer Review of the New Orleans Office of Independent Police Monitor (2016)
National Guidelines for Police Monitors (2009)