PARC helps businesses identify problematic policies or practices, especially in relation to allegations of racial profiling and false arrest. 

For example, working on two separate projects with two unrelated corporations, PARC helped their managements to take steps to avoid possible liability in relation to the businesses’ security policies and practices. PARC assisted with the crafting of better approaches to avoid the reality or perception of racial profiling of customers.

The identity of the client, and reports stemming from these consultation projects, are typically private and shared only with the private entity that retained PARC.  However, PARC's clients have included law firms, major corporations, and consumer attractions.


Pragmatic Recommendations Based on Tailored Assessments. PARC tailors its inquiries to the problems and needs of its clients. PARC offers clear and pragmatic recommendations for how clients can address problems directly, effectively, and efficiently.

Best Practices. PARC situates its counsel and advice in terms of national best practice and what has, and has not, worked for similarly-situated businesses and organizations facing the same challenges. PARC helps to customize and refine approaches in a manner optimized for clients.

Collaboration and On-Site Observation.  PARC works closely with leaders and employees of all levels so that it can understand the scope of issues, nature of the implicated business, and the potential effects of contemplated changes.  



Identify problematic policies or practices and maximize effectiveness of security practices in a manner tailored to client needs and concerns.