Town of Wallkill Police Department Monitoring

Until the successful completion of the consent decree in January 2006, PARC supported the Monitor for the Town of Wallkill (New York) Police Department.  The town’s police department became the focus of scrutiny following complaints of a pattern of abuses of police authority, especially related to officer harassment of young women and retaliation against those who filed complaints or who were involved in oversight activities. The New York Attorney General sued in federal court and the Town entered into a consent agreement.  The court selected Dean Esserman, now the chief of the Providence Police Department, to serve as Monitor of Wallkill compliance with the consent agreement.  The court also asked PARC to provide staff assistance to the monitor.  Following the conclusion of the consent decree, the Town retained PARC to continue to assess its compliance with good policing practices.

The Fourth Monitor/PARC report on Wallkill was issued in March 2005.

To view all of the Wallkill Monitors reports, go to the Publications page.

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